Examining User Authentication Challenges and Solution Strategies in Xano

During the State Changers meeting, the central topic of discussion revolved around user authentication and the complexities of integrating it into their respective platforms, with key emphasis on using Xano as a service. David, one of the State Changers, was having difficulty setting up a user authentication table for multiple endpoints. He discovered that his customized user table, as well as the original one, were not correctly interlinked with the appropriate end points. He also grappled with understanding the Magic Link function (Xano's tool for a temporary access pass system, associated with 'SendGrid').

Other participants suggested that he check all his endpoints to ensure they were correctly authenticated, as well as ensuring the user data and the Magic Link correlate appropriately, clarifying that the link didn't need to be deleted to expire, as the expiry details are built into the link information. Participants suggested that the process of authentication needed to be more streamlined, given its universality and complexity. There was mention of possibly creating a singular repository containing step-by-step guidelines of how to set up user authentication in their systems. Other notable discussion points included the intricate balance between security and convenience in login systems, and the capacity of State Changers Pro to handle increasing numbers of participants in the future. In conclusion, the meeting gave participants detailed insight into the intricacies of user authentication and potential solutions to implementation struggles.

(Source: Office Hours 2/28 )

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