Exploration and Resolutions for Dynamic ID Generation and Scheduling API Endpoint Problems

The State Changers meeting involved two main discussion points:

1. Incorporating dynamism in their work sessions: They debated if they should incorporate 'snippet' videos to give their audience a taste of what they do. They also considered making their work sessions more dynamic and attractive to potential audiences. The idea was to provide a transparent view into their work process, however, they acknowledged the challenges in making such changes. 2. Technical Workflow Enhancement: They dove into the technicalities of their system, exploring improvements in a function relating to dynamically generating IDs. The discussion revolved around whether or not to introduce extra database queries to handle variables that remain relatively constant. They concluded that leaving some variables hardcoded was a viable performance hack, despite it affecting the dynamic nature of the code. Later, they also discussed troubleshooting an issue related to updating appointments in an API. They found out the issue was due to a POST vs. PUT mismatch in an API call and a time formatting issue. The meeting concluded with general agreement that they need to focus on improving their technical workflows. Keywords mentioned in the meeting were: Xano, API, dynamic ID generation, POST, PUT, time formatting, and performance hack, suggesting that the discussion explored technical aspects with a focus on improving their software system's performance.

(Source: Office Hours 7/15 )

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