Exploration and Troubleshooting of WeWeb Variables, Collections, and UI Interaction

In the meeting, the State Changers extensively discussed an ongoing project related to web development. The meeting primarily focused on ensuring that clickable items correctly interact with an underlying object array in WeWeb. Several crucial tools and technologies, including Xano, CSS, and JavaScript were part of the conversation.

The main issue in the discussion revolved around editing the object based on user interaction. The members are trying to solve how over/under interactions affect the selected objects and how best to reflect these changes. While they initially struggled with visualizing changes (seeing "object, object"), it was resolved by using the JSON.stringify method, a JavaScript function that converts a JavaScript object into a string. State Changers spent much of this session troubleshooting how to connect clicks to the correct underlying object, highlighting the need to have enough information about every element in the object array. Balancing between keeping data synced and user feedback is evident during the discussion. The session concluded without finalizing a solution, but the team members had a clear pathway to move forward and seemed committed to solve the issue. This meeting will be critically useful for anyone trying to navigate the same issues while working with WeWeb, Xano and JavaScript, especially those dealing with managing state in complex applications.

(Source: Office Hours 1/19 PM )

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