Exploration of Data Backup and Transition Processes on Xano Platform

In the meeting, State Changers discussed the issue of data backups and transfers related to Xano. One of them expressed concern over human errors affecting large amounts of data and sought advice on data warehousing. There was also a query about transitioning data from the production to the test environment.

They proposed a solution for data backup using Xano, though bringing the question on underlying subscription memory and the storage capacity. The basic process involves creating a new function to back up data from the chosen tables. The data is first pulled from the database into the system's memory, then written to a file resource and saved to disk, resulting in a .txt file that is essentially a JSON-encoded version of the original data. An additional mention was made about the need for daily backups and the consequent increase in data volume. To handle this, the idea of appending the date to file names was proposed to avoid constant overwriting of files. The final part of the discussion centered around re-uploading the backed-up data. They explored Xano's ability to load backed-up data from disk, pass it into memory, and write it into a database. Towards the end of the meeting, the idea of copying data from production to a testing environment was tackled briefly, with the promise to delve deeper in future discussions. The conversation overall was highly focused on maximising usage, making backups, and optimising data storage using Xano. Keywords discussed: Xano, state change, database, memory, subscription memory, file resource, backup, snapshot, JSON, API endpoint, test environment, production.

(Source: Office Hours 1/2 )

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