Exploration of JavaScript Lambdas, Zano, Bubble, and Flutterflow for Web Development Optimisation and Performance Improvements

The State Changers had a comprehensive and informative discussion majorly revolving around "Bubble", "FlutterFlow", "Zano", "Lambdas", and "JavaScript". They dug deep into understanding how they can optimize their usage of these resources, especially Lambda functions, and discussed the cause and issues associated with cold starts in a JavaScript context.

They explored the core components that contribute to cost and delay, including the time it takes for a 'cold start', serialization and deserialization of data, the wait time for execution, and the time to reconvert the resulting data into a format that their application can understand. They clarified that the biggest cost and delay usually come from the 'cold start' and the serialization/deserialization processes. They also delve into how Zano runs JavaScript, which is different from how JavaScript runs on the browser. Zano makes use of PHP runtime natively and uses a function-as-a-service approach by creating a separate container for executing the code. The State Changers also explained how increased Lambda function usage could lead to more 'cold starts' as more containers need to be created to handle requests. They added that frequent Lambda function usage can help reduce 'cold start' problems since the computing environment gets better at handling requests the more it does so. While discussing solutions and alternatives, the meeting participants considered minimizing the number of Lambda invocations by running larger Lambdas once instead of running a small Lambda multiple times. The also debated how employing JavaScript in Bubble could enhance their workflow efficiency, provided that the JavaScript is executed client-side. Lastly, they acknowledged they still have unanswered questions and expressed their intentions to refine their understanding for the upcoming meetings.

(Source: Deep Dive - Javascript for Low-Code 8/2/2023 )

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