Exploration of Push Notifications and User Authentication with Flutterflow and Xano

The State Changers meeting focused on discussing the implementation of push notifications through Flutterflow and Xano. They dove into the technical aspects of integrating these services, including the process of token generation and usage. The major steps highlighted include creating a service account, generating a private key, setting appropriate permissions, and preparing an API request. The group also discussed how to extract Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) token from Flutterflow.

An important point raised was that push notifications only work on a device and require user permission. During the discussion, it was also brought up that Google's process might initially seem confusing due to their unique URL-based scope connotation. Additionally, the group discussed managing expired tokens and automatically logging users in/out with Flutterflow and Xano. A common problem where Firebase logs you in automatically while Xano token might be expired was shared, and two potential solutions; one using a routing page to check the token status upon login, and the other checking token expiration in the background were proposed. A point to note is that if any social platform is used for authentication, Apple login must also be allowed. A request for analytics integration for push notifications was put forth for further discussions. Prominent tools mentioned in the discussion include FlutterFlow, Xano, Google Console, Firebase, JWT for token generation, and App State for secure persistent fields.

(Source: Office Hours Extra: FlutterFlow Auth and Push Notifications )

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