Exploration of Web and Mobile App Development: Webflow vs Flutterflow and WeWeb experiences

The meeting involved a discussion among the State Changers regarding the selection of suitable tools for front-end and app development, specifically Webflow, Flutterflow, WeWeb, Bubble, and AppGyver.

Ivan, one of the participants, inquired about when to use Flutterflow or Webflow suitably. The conversation then opened to the room with Anthony stressing the importance of personal preference and comfortability in choosing a tool from his experiences with Webflow, WeWeb, and others. He underscored the value of understanding JavaScript and stressed the importance to test all tools and choose the one that feels most comfortable. George then shared his opinion about Webflow, stating it isn't designed for web apps but gives you flexibility and stylistic control. However, he noted that building a web app with it still feels a bit hacky. Ivan outlined the need for his app to be optimized for mobile first due to his market being primarily mobile users in Africa. One main point discussed was the value and insight of choosing the right platform for customers' needs and realizing that this could evolve over time. Based on Ivan's requirements and the market he serves, the consensus advised sticking with Flutterflow since it suits his immediate needs and aims to prioritize mobile use. Ray, one of the State Changers, suggested giving room for growth and considering more coding heavy tools for mobile development like Expo or Flutter in the future once Ivan becomes more comfortable with such tools. He noted that Glide could be an easier way for creating a mobile app but for someone already invested in Flutterflow, it makes sense to continue building on that.

(Source: Office Hours 10/27/2023 )

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