Exploring a Simple Solution for Joining Tables

In this meeting, the participants discussed the issue of joining two tables using the case ID field. They were trying to display fields from both tables so that they could perform updates. The meeting started with a discussion on the business logic problem they were trying to solve. One participant suggested an alternative way of achieving the desired outcome by using sequential queries instead of joins. They demonstrated how to fetch the cases that belong to a user using a query and shared the results as separate responses. They also discussed updating a specific case by its ID and explained that updating records in SQL requires knowing the specific record and table to make the change. The participant mentioned that joins are not always the best solution as they can generate repetitive data and may not produce the desired data structure for the front-end. They also mentioned that add-ons in Zano have limitations when it comes to table references and external imported data. The participant emphasized the importance of understanding the data shape that is most useful for the front-end and explained the benefits of using sequential queries instead of joins. The meeting ended with a brief discussion on imposter syndrome and the participants expressing their gratitude for the help provided.

(Source: Office Hours 4/26 )

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