Exploring Advanced Sorting and Filtering Techniques in WeWeb Using JavaScript and Hidden Column Approach

This State Changer meeting focused on sorting and filtering data via the front-end system in Weebly. The State Changers discussed several methods to achieve custom sorting. Some key topics covered:

1. Front-end Sorting: Exploring the current functionalities of sorting categories alphabetically and chronologically. Noted was the challenge to get the 'status' category to sort differently from its default alphabetical order. 2. Using JavaScript: The conversation turned towards using JavaScript for sorting. A significant part of the discussion was about the possibility of switching between formula and JavaScript views, which appeared to be a complex task involving numerous if-statements and variable arrangements. 3. Utilizing Hidden Columns: One suggestion was to create hidden columns, each assigned a different rank corresponding to 'status' conditions such as 'incomplete', 'expiring soon', or 'compliant'. This approach would allow more flexible sorting options. 4. ScriptTag Usage: The attendees also discussed more programmatic approaches involving JavaScript. Particularly, using a 'ScriptTag' to create a snippet of JavaScript code that could handle the sorting issues efficiently. The State Changers pointed out the inherent complexities in executing sorting and filtering tasks in JavaScript, but exerted confidence in successfully doing such tasks through the 'ScriptTag'. The participant decided to try implementing hidden fields first, given its straightforward nature. The discussion also explored the possibility of seeking further assistance through an online forum or in future meetings.

(Source: Office Hours 5/12 )

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