Exploring AI Coding Support: Copilot & Codium Advancements and Applications

The meeting primarily discusses coding, with a specific focus on Copilot, an expansive and exciting tool built on GitHub's library. A recommendation was made for Codium, another tool similar to Copilot which might be used depending on the user's preferred Integrated Development Environment (IDE). However, the possibility of Codium being free caused a little astonishment, given that such services usually cost money. The meeting also touched upon the functionality of Copilot, especially its integrated chat and code generation capabilities. An illustration was given demonstrating its use in creating tests for codes. Mention was made of Copilot x, a part of Visual Studio code that facilitates a chat functionality with code. The discussion also revealed the increasing shift from visual development environments to writing code, with tools like Copilot providing a powerful functionality when integrated into a personal environment. The meeting ends with validating Copilot's ability to anticipate a user's needs besides just catering to the questions. This point suggests that the tool is most useful when it augments the coding process rather than just offering a reaction to queries.

(Source: Office Hours 10/26/2023 )

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