Exploring and Enhancing Transformation Processes Within Various Platforms, with Special Focus on Xano, WeWeb, and Zapier

In this meeting, a participant called Vaz shares his experience with State Changers, especially with the platform Xano, which was new to them and their team. Before using Xano, they had used Dutch platforms BettyBlocks and WIM. Both of these platforms were good at backend and frontend but had limitations. With Xano, they now have an alternative that offers something new.

Vaz's team is currently working on a project that utilizes Xano and custom view JS for the frontend. He expresses curiosity in creating a proof of concept using Zano and WeWeb as he sees potential for colleagues who have a strong understanding of clients and issues but aren't as strong in coding. Vaz also goes into detail about how he has used and planned to use Xano's functionalities, particularly in building a complex code, stating that creating a function for repeated use might be beneficial. Vaz shares the idea of creating a custom function called "Check Session" which authenticates and controls sessions - an additional layer to Xano's auth system. He also talks about the advantage of deploying on Xano and controlling all API logs. In the end, Vaz appreciates the insights on 'filters' and thanks State Changers while promising to bring more issues to the forum and attend future office hours. His mention of platforms includes Xano, WeWeb, BettyBlocks, and WIM.

(Source: Office Hours 8/17/2023 AM )

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