Exploring and Understanding Xano's Code Execution and Data Population

In this technical virtual meeting, the State Changers discuss challenges experienced in their tasks with code embedding and look through common patterns in their queries. The conversation highlights the interplay between different coding tools and platforms such as Xano and CodePen, with mention of runtime changes, object creation and log views.

The participants discuss extracting data from an object, referencing membership details within member details, and the need to update this information in Xano after button updates on their project. Helpful strategies to optimize their process are shared such as using webhooks from MemberStack, seeing verbose stuff in the console for more detailed information, and potentially having Xano take care of updates offline. The meeting is focused on problem-solving and understanding the logical flow of their code as well as discussing potential straightforward options for better programmatic interaction between platforms. Future attendees who might find this useful would be ones interested in code editing and manipulation, programmatic interaction between platforms and extracting data from nested objects.

(Source: Office Hours 9/7 )

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