Exploring Authentication and Push Notifications Development through Zano, Firebase, and Flutterflow

This meeting of State Changers revolved around a discussion and solution approach to issues surrounding App notifications, authentication and API communication involving "Zano", "Firebase", "Flutterflow", and more. A notable issue underlined was that Firebase was having trouble receiving Zano's authentication tokens because Firebase required a specific format. A workaround was proposed where Zano's tokens could potentially be converted into the required format before interfacing with Firebase.

A significant part of the meeting dived into hashing out the nuances of enabling push notifications on an app where Firebase and Zano were central systems in play. The suggestion was to separate the problems: device identification (using Flutterflow), and server communication (between Zano and Firebase Cloud Messaging—a Firebase service), before integrating them. Thus, the steps indicated involved obtaining device IDs through Flutterflow, transmitting these IDs to Zano, which would then interact with Firebase's Cloud Messaging system to trigger push notifications on the appropriate device. A key notion cemented was that notifications are pegged to device IDs rather than user IDs, pinpointing the importance of acquiring precise device identification. A device ID, being exclusive to a specific app on a particular device, makes it the linchpin in the process of pushing notifications from the Firebase Cloud Messaging to the intended phone. As implementation could possibly be different for Android and iOS, the delegates suggested starting with mastering identification of device ID via Flutterflow before moving forward. The approach left the members on the note of broaching tasks individually and integrating them into the broader workflow upon completion to avoid potential complications. The meeting was rich in its detail of the principles of app notifications, authentication, and their manifold implementations.

(Source: Office Hours 9/22 )

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