Exploring Authentication Integration Strategies for Xano and FlutterFlow Platforms

The meeting started with one of the State Changers expressing the need to explore the Xano platform, specifically focusing on its social media login feature via FlutterFlow and Firebase. There were discussions about comparing authentication process in Firebase and Xano via FlutterFlow and examining alternatives when typical tasks get complex.

The participants including Django also delved into how to efficiently use Google's OAuth (Open Authorization) in app development and they dubbed it "App Auth." They explained: 1. User authorization in mobile apps is different from web applications. 2. Attempts to replicate OAuth in mobile apps require permission-controls, adding complexity to the process. 3. Firebase offers built-in OAuth-support, which when used optimally with FlutterFlow, can significantly reduce the complexity and cost of app development. An essential part of the discussion was to leverage Firebase's built-in functionality for authenticating users and transmitting push notifications, specifically through deeper integration with FlutterFlow. Once the authentication process is outsourced to Firebase, integrating ID tokens with Xano would allow user authorization on the app. The meeting concluded with touching on subjects such as AI and reviews from previous sessions. A detailed exploration and discussion of using Google Maps for a web application, possibly in the next meeting, was also proposed for Django.

(Source: Office Hours 5/26 )

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