Exploring Authentication Methods and User Role Management with Xano Platform

The State Changers met to discuss a variety of topics. One participant, David, raised issues regarding the organization and authorization aspects of user roles and accounts on his site. He suggested moving user authentication from MemberStack to the Xano platform, which he believes would best manage the site's varying user types (artists, non-profit directors, business people). This would involve the creation of a table to categorize users and their roles, and the understanding of identifiers such as user IDs and auth tokens.

David also discussed the challenges of assimilating his existing MemberStack system into the new structure. A key suggestion was for him to track users on the client side by using a JavaScript web token as the auth token, while using the user ID for recognizing each user in the system. On the other hand, George sought advice fundamental questions regarding how to provide an email HTML preview for users, and how to find a cheaper and security-conscious method for sending emails on behalf of clients. The latter involves considerations about consolidating contacts into a single mailer rather than maintaining individual client accounts. Throughout the meeting, various terms such as Xano, Webflow, and MemberStack were mentioned, indicating topics of discussion about user authentication, data management and website development.

(Source: Office Hours 1/16 )

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