Exploring Automation and Access with WeWeb for Project Deployment and Download

This meeting touched upon the challenges of automating software development using no-code platforms. The State Changers discussed the automation process of pushing deployments and generating automated downloads from an editor or publisher via command lines. They elaborated on how various 'no-code' systems can be hacked to create state change extensions.

One system they focused on was WeWeb. They illustrated how WeWeb authenticates requests via access tokens and cookies. In the self-hosting plan, once a version of a project is published, they proposed triggering a script that waits for an updated version, which can then be automatically downloaded. The conversation moved towards the concept of GraphQL, an advanced query language for APIs. Michael, one of the participants, demonstrated how they used GraphQL queries within WeWeb to identify version changes in the system and trigger download requests. This can automate the process with a button press and then have a script that checks upon the current published version, waits for it to increase by one, and then downloads the new version once ready. However, they acknowledged that this proposed method didn't quite work as expected, due to internal server errors. They concluded they needed more time for troubleshooting, but felt confident that they were on the right track. They also referred to the need for future-proofing web environments, suggesting a more flexible approach until WeWeb stabilized over time. The ultimate aim is to enhance automation, streamline the development process, and potentially assist other users with similar scripting and automation needs.

(Source: Office Hours 10/18/2023 PM )

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