Exploring Automation of Bearer Token Retrieval for API Integration in GoHighLevel

The State Changers meeting focused on the problem of automating the acquisition of an authentication bearer token needed for interacting with the "HighLevel" API (version 2). The token was initially fetched manually, with the aim of automating the process for efficiency and to minimize room for error.

The team dived into exploring possible solutions, leveraging browser developer tools to uncover potential clues. They were able to determine that the bearer token seemed to be stored in the form of a JSON Web Token (JWT) within the website's cookies. A snippet of JavaScript was created to extract this from the browser's console. However, the team acknowledged that running the JavaScript snippet to extract the JWT still required manual intervention. The goal was to entirely automate the process. Suggestions for automating the browser interaction included tools like BrowserFlow, Selenium and Phantom Buster. The latter excels in automating routine tasks on the web, thus could be a potential solution for automating the token extraction process. The meeting concluded with the realization that while full automation hadn't been achieved, the manual process had been significantly reduced, offering a clear direction for further exploration. The team expressed an interest in continuing to work toward complete automation in future meetings.

(Source: Office Hours 8/11 )

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