Exploring Challenges and Techniques in JavaScript Implementation for Web Development Platforms like Bubble and WeWeb

The State Changers in this meeting discussed the challenges and strategies related to using JavaScript with various NoCode platforms and tools including Bubble, WeWeb, and Xano. They touched on issues with data manipulation and how JavaScript can aid in that regard. Various cases of using JavaScript to work with Bubble were discussed, especially when building complex JSONs. Some issues included unforeseen or vague error prompts when variables change within WeWeb, and the debate on the trade-offs between manipulating data using JavaScript on the front vs back end.

Performance and efficiency were also discussed, with the emphasis on minimizing wait times and data traffic, and not necessarily the amount of code run on the front end or back end. Furthermore, some participants expressed interest in expanding their knowledge to include JQuery and React. They also referred to using tools like chat GPT to generate JavaScript code and jQuery as a codebase for web development tasks. A notable point of consideration was the decision of where and how to integrate JavaScript in relation to the platform being used, be it Bubble, Webflow, or Xano. Lastly, there was an exploration of transitioning heavy computational tasks to the front end for improved performance since the back end is generally shared and has less power.

(Source: Deep Dive - Javascript for Low-Code 8/2/2023 )

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