Exploring Custom Lambda Functions with Xano and Netlify Integration for Serverless Applications

During the meeting, the State Changers discussed various aspects of Lambda functions particularly in relation to "Xano". They stated that Lambda functions are good for mathematical operations, date manipulation, and cryptography but highlighted the limitations within Xano's support of the node ecosystem; specifically, the inability to import other Node.js packages.

The conversation segued into discussing the hackathon that one of the participants won using Xano, where Lambda was used for interaction with the chain. They suggested "Netlify" as an alternative for developing more complex Lambda functions mentioning it wraps AWS, has a generous free tier, and seamlessly deploys with GitHub. Moreover, they pointed out the limitations of Xano like the absence of IntelliSense or Copilot autocompletes, and the inability to use TypeScript when writing complex code. The team expressed the need for more power in the Lambda domain within Xano, noting it would allow for more flexibility and capability. They advocated utilizing a third-party service or Netlify for tasks like composing an image, which can be complex in a baseline node. In conclusion, the meeting provided valuable insight into the use of Lambda functions within Xano, its pros and cons, and potential alternatives for more complex needs like Netlify.

(Source: Office Hours 12/2 )

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