Exploring Custom Push Notifications: Strategies and Challenges for User Engagement

The State Changers focused on the subject of custom push notifications, wherein one member was particularly interested in creating custom notifications for their app based on his experience with Uber Eats. The challenge of designing unique and valuable notifications in an environment saturated with generic and often irrelevant push notifications was discussed.

They explored the idea of notifications that provided valuable information without requiring the user to log in each time. Specifically, they discussed a graphical or visual-oriented notification instead of the traditional UI badge with bold title and text. The meeting also delved into the technical aspects of creating these custom notifications. The role of Flutterflow, Xano, and Firebase cloud messaging in handling push notifications and their payloads from the backend was explained. The conversation touched on the potential to enhance these notifications through the backend and the complexities involved in it. Ultimately, the group explored the notion of how an iOS device would process notifications differently than an Android device, adding a layer of complexity to their development. This led to a discussion on designing micro apps with memory limitations using Swift, outside of the Flutter/React Native ecosystem. The members acknowledged that while advanced notification design could significantly enhance user experience, it would require substantial investment due to the complexity involved, particularly in creating the client-side modifications. They emphasized the need to evaluate these features against their potential to generate business value to justify their development costs. The State Changers concluded by expressing willingness to delve deeper into iOS notification development within the Flutterflow context if they decide to invest in this direction further. They found this discussion valuable and indicated that further exploration in future meetings might be beneficial for the group.

(Source: Office Hours 6/19 )

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