Exploring Data Extraction Techniques for Sports Statistics and Prop Creation

The State Changers held a technical discussion about managing, extracting and retrieving statistics data, particularly in sports. They examined the mechanism of creating a 'fantasy stat' using a Boolean system and weightings for different stats. A proposed innovation involves prepopulating seasonal averages to optimize data input tasks.

A core question was whether the statistics data needed to be stored in a database for extraction or whether they could be extracted without database reference, directly pulling data from an API endpoint. There was debate about the necessity of saving path locations for seasonal statistics, and the possibility of simplifying this by pulling the name from the get function instead. The group concluded that the system should work theoretically if there's sufficient information within the code or another table. They recommended testing this approach to verify its performance speed and complexity level. They reminded themselves to first focus on making the system work, then optimize its speed thereafter. The group also referred to 'Bubble' as a tool used, typically used for building web apps without code, suggesting the discussion is within the context of a no-code or low-code development environment.

(Source: Office Hours 11/10 )

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