Exploring Data Management Techniques in Xano for Unique Player IDs across College and Professional Basketball

This meeting among State Changers centered around the structure of sports player data in their system and the challenges associated with handling duplication of player IDs across different sporting events. The main data manipulation tool discussed was Xano.

The issue arises from the fact that a player ID can be the same in different sports competitions, such as college basketball and professional basketball, resulting in duplicate external player IDs for different sports. The participants discussed various ways to manage this issue, with the suggested approach involving creating a unique identifier, created by encoding several data points about a player into a string. The participants proposed two new API endpoints with one focused on updating the Player Career Statistics (PCS) table, and the other delivering data to Bubble, their front-end tool. Basically, they aimed at creating a 'virtual dataset' which would be easy to handle for Bubble and would allow them to update player statistics efficiently without duplications. They discussed ways to simplify the data for Bubble's consumption and expressed a need for Bubble to provide player ID and sport information for subsequent operations. Eventually, the meeting concluded that the problem was more complex than initially perceived and that they would revisit it in future meetings. Keywords mentioned: Xano, Bubble.

(Source: Office Hours 11/25 )

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