Exploring Data Manipulation Techniques in Xano Platform

This meeting involved the State Changers discussing data manipulation concepts and their application in Xano, a backend development platform. The core topic was tweaking a process to display a percentage difference of test scores in different weeks by locating a previous counterpart record and then implementing a mathematical formula to quantify the change in scores.

At first, they encountered a division by zero error which resulted from instances where the previous score was zero. They addressed this by introducing an 'if' statement to identify such scenarios and assign a pre-decided value (like zero or 999) to the percentage difference, effectively handling potential errors. They emphasized the power and flexibility provided by Xano for such tasks compared to other tools. Importantly, they conceded that despite Xano offering ease of use for such functions, it does not necessarily make it conceptually straightforward. Hence, they acknowledged the need for a deep dive into data manipulation techniques within Xano. Throughout the process, the State Changers illustrated their operations with examples involving variables like week numbers, report names, test scores, and created timestamps. The meeting highlighted Xano's powerful capabilities for managing and manipulating data. It concluded with a resolve to further explore and understand these aspects during future sessions.

(Source: Office Hours 7/21/2023 )

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