Exploring Deep Linking, Device-App Interactions, and Responsive Web Design Tools

In this meeting, the State Changers discuss the concept of deep linking and universal links, the technology that enables mobile apps to be launched from a URL. The features of such a mechanism, including the ability to redirect users to the app store if the required app is not installed on the device, were detailed.

The conversation then segued into discussing different work setups and user interface testing modalities, using virtual reality and other tools. They also talked about a useful resource for responsive design, a desktop application called Responsively. This application aids in quickly visualizing how a website would perform on different screen sizes and form factors. Further on, there was a mention about moving from mobile-optimized platforms to a more dedicated platform and the various scenarios where such a shift could be required. The meeting appears to have ended with a discussion on the topic of forms but further specifics have not been provided. The software names and platforms mentioned include Apple, Google, Chrome, Safari, and Responsively. This meeting can be an insightful resource for software developers looking to improve their interface design, learn about deep linking technology, and understand the benefits of tools like Responsively.

(Source: Office Hours 4/11 )

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