Exploring Deployment Options and Hosting for Static Web Apps with WeWeb and DigitalOcean

During the meeting, the State Changers discussed the deployment of static files with focus on various web hosting platforms. Initially, they deliberated on "Railway" but concluded it might not be the best fit due to its primary design for Docker containers and absence of a straightforward solution for hosting a static app.

Later, the focus shifted to "DigitalOcean," a platform some of the participants had used before. They decided to deploy a static site from a GitHub repository through DigitalOcean. Participants faced some issues with domain names and DNS records initially, but managed to deploy a site, albeit with an auto-generated name. The latter part of the discussion was about setting up a wildcard domain with custom domain features on DigitalOcean. The process involved adding a CNAME record and waiting for the DNS to propagate the changes. However, a potential issue regarding CloudFlare's proxy was identified, and it was suggested they wait for the DNS record changes to take effect. In conclusion, the meeting was focused around deployment of static files from a GitHub repository using DigitalOcean, troubleshooting issues encountered, and setting up a wildcard domain with custom domain features. The meeting involved technical jargon and processes concerning "WeWeb," "Railway," "DigitalOcean," "GitHub," "HTML," "CSS," "JSX," and other development-specific concepts. The discussion reflects a problem-solving approach to web development tasks and would be beneficial for developers and individuals interested in web hosting platforms and their application.

(Source: Office Hours 10/6/2023 AM )

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