Exploring Development Environment Tools: Visual Studio Code vs Code Sandbox & the Rise of AI-assisted Coding

In this meeting of the State Changers, the conversation revolved around development environments and how they compare to no code and low code tools. The topics included comparisons between Code Sandbox and Visual Studio Code, the usefulness of local versus cloud-based environments, and the role of AI in coding.

Visual Studio Code was favored for its ability to work with a variety of plugins, quick local testing, and no constraints on interaction between multiple applications. Its features like automatic support for Prettier, GitHub Copilot, and IntelliSense make coding easier and more efficient, especially with AI-assisted coding rising in popularity. The conversation also touched on the convenience of no code tools, emphasizing how they handle hosting, eliminating the need for developers to manage it. The participants praised the modern tooling and convenience of services like Netlify that abstract many concerns away. Year-established systems like Xano and Lambdas were discussed for data management on the back end. The meeting would be suitable for viewers interested in no code/low code tools, development environments, benefits of local and cloud-based environments, and the evolving role of AI in coding.

(Source: Office Hours 5/23 Extra: ReactJS )

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