Exploring eCommerce Capabilities: Discussing Xano, Webflow, and Shopify for Online Storefronts

The State Changers in the meeting primarily discussed ecommerce platforms, notably Xano and Webflow, with a side mention of Shopify. They deliberated over which platform was the best fit for a particular ecommerce situation. They debated on how to set up transaction tables and whether Xano was the ideal choice. One participant was also considering rolling his own solution but was advised to consider the built-in ecommerce features of Webflow. This advice was predicated on the idea that choosing no code is akin to picking LEGO bricks, i.e., selecting an ecommerce LEGO brick streamlines the process rather than creating everything from scratch. It was also suggested to consider Shopify as a best-in-class service for online storefronts.

A significant part of the discussion revolved around the issue of managing product SKUs (Stock Keeping Units), especially for a multitude of product variants or attributes. The traditional retail practice of managing separate SKUs for different product variants was contrasted with the idea of having a base product and a unique identifier for functionality or design differences. The focus was primarily on investigating feasible solutions, experimenting with various options, and learning through practical implementation rather than grasping a specific technical concept. Stripe was mentioned as a popular payment gateway solution incorporated in Xano, implying the setting in which ecommerce was being discussed concerned online transactions. Overall, the meeting was exploratory and solution-oriented, aimed at understanding the advantages, drawbacks, and feasibility of various ecommerce platforms while managing complex product inventories. A key takeaway was the suggested strategy of small-scale experimentation and iterative learning, thus aligning with the "fail small so you can succeed big" mantra. While the meeting touched on technical aspects, it primarily focused on strategic decision-making and methodology in the context of ecommerce platform selection.

(Source: Office Hours 6/30 - Downloading and saving files from API Calls with Xano )

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