Exploring Enhanced Performance with Xano: Rebuiding ConvertKit and Introducing Aggregate Statistics and API Caching for Improved User Experience

The State Changers meeting focused on discussions around building an aggregate statistics function, especially in the context of rebuilding a system like ConvertKit. A question was raised about the logic and efficiency of specific functions and handling requests with the context of performance. Suggestions were made to incorporate tools like Xano, its API caching function specifically, to improve performance.

Xano's API caching was described to have the ability to keep the same output for recurring requests over a specific time period. This can protect the system from constant recalculations and significantly improve overall performance. It was highlighted that the caching could be adjusted based on balance needs. The Xano system was also discussed to be 'clever', recognizing not just requests, but requests with the same input, thus adding to performance efficiency. Confirmation was given that the same input would generate the same output and the system would work with authenticated endpoints. The meeting concluded with assurance that the approach seems correct and an encouragement to test the actual results.

(Source: Office Hours 2/3 )

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