Exploring File Naming and Saving Processes in Xano

This meeting involved the State Changers discussing technical issues and solutions related to the Xano platform, particularly focusing on working with dynamic file names, variables, tables, and file management capabilities. The conversation examined the process of creating a dynamic file name based on variables and attaching it with data from a specific table entry. This helps in efficient file management in the Xano platform.

Furthermore, they also discussed the challenges of managing files, including deleting and moving files on the Xano platform, due to its primitive capabilities. They experimented with different techniques for creating, renaming and saving files, finally determining that none of these changes applied until the file was turned into an attachment. Thus, by turning the downloaded data into an attachment and then adjusting the structure of that file to suit their needs, the team was able to successfully resolve the problem they were facing. Towards the end of the conversation, one member mentioned that they had made significant progress over the past few days, indicating that these meetings were valuable for problem-solving and learning.

(Source: Office Hours 6/30 - Downloading and saving files from API Calls with Xano )

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