Exploring File Storage and Handling Options in DigitalOcean: Techniques and Processes

The meeting begins with Michael, a State Changer, expressing his interest in using DigitalOcean for file storage. He had explored the API reference but got caught up in some details and was seeking guidance. The dialogue went on to explore two main techniques that involve using Xano, specifically uploading files to Xano which can then transfer them elsewhere, and creating a signed URL request for frontend upload directly into DigitalOcean, thus emphasizing backend handling of all signature aspects.

The conversation also referenced another project - the script tag and its improved performance thanks to DigitalOcean. Subsequently, a detailed walkthrough using uploading spaces was provided by another participant, showing Michael how to upload files to DigitalOcean directly from the frontend and customize settings like access control list (ACL), bucket assignment, and signature creation for secure file uploads. The participants discussed different aspects such as handling of actual bytes, the importance of 'put' over 'post', and tips on creating an authorization process, making the process much more understandable for Michael. Likewise, they covered some potential challenges, specifically with making uploads public or private and its effect on the overall process. Eventually, Michael seemed satisfied with these insights and thanked his colleagues, indicating the success of the meeting in addressing his concerns. The keywords mentioned in the meeting included: "Xano", "Lambda", "Javascript".

(Source: Office Hours 10/23/2023 )

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