Exploring File Upload Solutions: FlutterFlow, Xano and Firebase Integration

In the meeting, the State Changers discussed the challenge of uploading an image from FlutterFlow to Xano, with the concern being how to store and manage these files effectively and economically. While Firebase was discussed as the initial storage, there were reservations about having data both on Firebase and Xano due to cost considerations and data management.

Instead, the prevailing solution suggested was to upload files on Firebase, which upon reception, would generate a receipt or a file URL. This URL is then sent over to Xano and stored as a text field, thereby allowing Xano to point to the file in Firebase without actually storing the file. This approach was proposed to streamline the file management process and lower storage costs. Additional points to note included concerns about Xano's handling of files, as it was shared that the platform had limitation in controlling, deleting, renaming, and uploading of files. Alternatives like Upload Care, Azure files, and S3 were suggested as potential solutions based on their storage capability and price points. In conclusion, the discussion was centered on how to handle and store files effectively using different tools such as Xano and Firebase, with the latter recommended as a solution for file storage while Xano for structured data and URL reference management. The insights from this meeting would be useful for anyone considering efficient file management and storage in their development process.

(Source: Office Hours 10/12 )

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