Exploring FinSuite: Learning CSS, Incorporating Figma and Optimizing Webflow with WeWeb & FlutterFlow

In this meeting, the State Changers discussed several tech stack considerations. They explored the use of FinSuite and its capabilities regarding the reorganization of CSS and pointed out valuable resource videos by Timothy Ricks on CSS. Figma was also discussed, with one State Changer sharing his personal challenges while learning and implementing it for wireframing.

There was conversation around the effectiveness of WebFlow, with one member expressing a desire to become proficient in it. The upcoming tech stack for their project comprises WebFlow, WeWeb, FlutterFlow, and Xano. The State Changers agreed on the integration of these tools as a timely solution. However, they acknowledged the challenges and encouraged individual role clarity, emphasizing the importance of realizing one’s strengths and focusing on those areas. They highlighted maintaining a balance and not over-stretching resources. The State Changers anticipate future discussions around these tools and the ways they can streamline development and reduce potential headaches. The open nature of their dialogue suggests a collaborative environment, where members are mutually supportive and open to learning new technologies.

(Source: Office Hours 1/20 )

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