Exploring Firebase Authentication and Firestore Integration in User Verification Process

This meeting was a technical discussion among the State Changers about integrating different software services to handle user authentication and data management. The chief issue was the lack of a linked user collection between "Firebase" and "Xano" whenever a user signs up through the website interface. The participants were trying to figure out how to add a user collection in Firebase when a user authenticates on the website. The end goal was to be able to check if the users' emails are verified and to control their access accordingly.

Further, they discussed the use of Firestore and considering storing more data there, but they raised concerns about complexity and moving parts of the system. Also, they considered the utility of the ID token in Firebase for checking email verification. The meeting ended with the proposition to explore how to make an external API request to add or edit a document inside a collection in Firestore during an office hour session.

(Source: Office Hours 4/12 )

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