Exploring Firebase Integration for Authentication and Push Notifications in Relation to Xano

In this meeting, the main topic of discussion was the integration of Firebase with Xano for various use cases. Firebase is used for authentication and push notifications in the Flutter and Flutter Flow frameworks. The authentication process involves using Firebase to collect a JWT (cryptographically signed token) that contains the user's email address and other information. This token is then sent to Xano for validation and to create a user record or issue an access token.

The meeting also touched upon the importance of distinguishing between authentication and authorization. Authentication confirms the user's identity, while authorization determines whether the user has the right to access certain resources. Firebase handles authentication, including biometric authentication, while Xano handles authorization and issuing access tokens. The conversation concluded with the team member expressing gratitude for the clarification and mentioning plans to work on the integration over the weekend.

(Source: Office Hours 3/30 )

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