Exploring Firebase Integration with Flutterflow and Xano for User Authorization and Push Notifications

The State Changers' meeting was mainly a discussion about Firebase, basically concerning its setup and integration with FlutterFlow and Xano. A participant had created a Firestore database and was questioning the further steps, especially in relation to FlutterFlow's tutorial and Xano's functions. The team clarified that Firebase, once integrated with FlutterFlow, would auto-propagate all the necessary items for the users' table.

There were some uncertainties about potential overlap or redundancy between the Firebase aspects and Xano. The team pointed out that Firebase would only be used to get the UID and FCM token. Regardless of the specific settings on the Firebase side, it was indicated that FlutterFlow would handle a significant part of the process, especially in areas such as push notifications and authorization, while Xano would be managing other specific aspects. In terms of using Firebase in conjunction with other elements, it was also emphasized that it would not be necessary to use it for all components. In conclusion, the team advised the individual to follow the FlutterFlow documentation workflow to set up the system effectively without making it entirely dependent on Firebase, except for Firebase-dependent services like authorization and push notifications.

(Source: Office Hours 4/5 )

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