Exploring FlutterFlow and Xano for Building a Learning Management System

The State Changers meeting was mainly focused on application and database development in the educational context. Daniel, a participant presented his design for a Learning Management System (LMS) that included features like courses, lessons, and psychometric tests, using FlutterFlow and Xano.

His main concern was about the database setup, specifically for tests. He planned to create a new table for each test, with every table encompassing the individual questions linked to a measure and a different scale of answers. However, the State Changers discussed atomic design or more straightforward structures. They agreed it's beneficial to have each response associated with a question as a single record in a table rather than rolling it up to measures. Although it means a larger number of records, which might seem overwhelming, it would be extremely quick and efficient to match and look up due to the data indexing. State Changers also pointed out that the users shouldn't be directly linked to tests in the database structure. Instead, the relationship should be mediated through the responses, thereby reducing redundancy and maintaining database accuracy. In conclusion, while they acknowledged one could run with Daniel's existing structure due to the flexible nature of FlutterFlow and Xano, they also recommended adopting a more straightforward atomic structure for the long-term, leveraging the scalability and performance benefits of such design.

(Source: Office Hours 2/23 )

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