Exploring Flutterflow for Mobile Development and Comparing it with Draftbit

This meeting among the State Changers revolved largely around an in-depth discussion about FlutterFlow. Much interest was expressed about FlutterFlow and its growing popularity among professionals for mobile and web development work, displaying the tool's dominance over DraftBit. Additionally, other software tools like Wix, Bubble, and Webflow were also spoken about concerning their usage in website development. The participants also arranged a Flutterflow-specific office hours session scheduled for 12 PM Eastern the following day. This session was aimed more at a Q&A format, as a significant part of their group turned out to use FlutterFlow. One of the participants asked for permission to invite a non-member colleague (Amir Haider) to this session, a request that was welcome. There was the brief mention of evaluating a competitor's website, but that discussion was not continued and remains obscure.

(Source: Office Hours 12/29 )

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