Exploring Flutterflow Functions: Implementing Latitude & Longitude Parameters and Understanding SPA vs Webflow Navigation

The meeting between the State Changers primarily focused on coding in Flutter and Dart, with practical examples demonstrated via FlutterFlow. Participants discussed building custom functions, such as 'get latitude' and 'get longitude', and explored the nuances of using optional parameters. The importance of specific syntax elements, like semicolons, was highlighted. One participant also coded his first Dart function during the session.

In addition, the conversation touched on the difference between SPA and Webflow, with an emphasis on page loading options. There was a favourable comparison between Bubble and WeWeb compared to Webflow in terms of website navigation, particularly if a user is not logged in. Possible solutions to this issue included introducing page loaders and using JavaScript to determine whether a token exists. The meeting ended on an open note, with participants reserving the chance to follow up on the discussed points and continue learning more about the tools used.

(Source: Office Hours 4/11 )

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