Exploring Flutterflow Updates and Their Implications on Firebase and Xano Backend Usage

The State Changers discussed updates regarding Flutterflow and its application with cloud functions, particularly for a Firebase backend. Some doubts arose about the functionality of cloud functions when used with a Xano backend. The discussion clarified that cloud functions could give access to libraries for communication with specific third party applications. They also touched upon the Google ecosystem's influence over Flutterflow, and its built-in integration with Firebase authentication. However, room for improvement was noticed in terms of the maturity of Flutterflow's support for web-based applications.

The meeting also touched on the use of Progressive Web Apps (PWA) in Flutterflow with Xano as the backend and the possibility of push notifications. Few solutions were hinted towards like utilizing Twilio for push notifications in web-based applications with intensive phone interaction. It was clear that these tools are still evolving and that their performance could potentially improve with time. Keywords mentioned: Flutterflow, Xano, Firebase, Twilio.

(Source: Office Hours 9/22/2023 )

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