Exploring Front-end Development Tools: Bubble vs. Webflow, WeWeb, and Wiz

This meeting was focused on finding the most optimal front-end to pair with a back-end that the team's built on Bubble and Xano. Newer tools such as Webflow, Wiz (v1 and an upcoming v2), and WeWeb were discussed as good alternatives for current needs. Webflow was mentioned for its ability to build a totally static front end, with the ability to create a Vue.js shell around it or use Wiz to connect the front end with the back end.

Wiz was highlighted for its simplicity and reliability in connecting a front end built on Webflow with a back end on Xano, making a significant change in application building. The attendees shared an insight into the upcoming version of Wiz, expressed its impressive capabilities, and how it seems to be a game-changer for complex applications. WeWeb was also mentioned as an ideal option for those looking to work with a streamlined back end like Xano but want a front end that focuses on being exclusively that - a front end. This tool was recommended because it makes interfacing with back ends a 'first-class consideration', making it seamless to use something like Xano with it. There were brief references to other tools such as Builder, Appgyver, and Retool, but the main focus rested on web-based applications with an emphasis on authentication. The idea of using custom states and user authentication logics for web app systems was discussed in detail. The conversation also touched on using subdomains to cleanly separate different aspects (like business site vs. internal tools) of a web presence while using different vendors for each subdomain.

(Source: Office Hours 10/13 )

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