Exploring Frontend Development: CSS Hacking, Script Tag Application, and Styling JavaScript Charts

The State Changers' meeting primarily centered around solving styling problems in Chart.js, the intricacies of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), and the utilisation of CodeSandbox in conjunction with Webflow. The discussion also shed some light on the concepts of JavaScript, low-code and no-code solutions.

The conversation led into ScriptTag, a React app perceived as a low-code system, and its use in injecting CSS and JavaScript files. A particular focus was in understanding the dev version for fast-moving development versus the production version which allows for caching, potentially leading to faster performance and scalability. The meeting further explained the option to copy code directly into Webflow for better performance, although limitations in embedding HTML were noted. An alternate solution suggested was to download and upload the file into Webflow as an asset. Another significant aspect discussed was how ScriptTag was initially built to deal with collaboration issues while developing high-end websites. The use of third-party tools like Xano and Zano were also discussed, particularly their integration into script tag and the importance of their locations in connection with performance. The meeting did not include a discussion on tools such as WeWeb, FlutterFlow, Zapier, Make, Integromat, Outseta, Retool, Bubble, Adalo, AppGyver, AppSheet, Comnoco, Fastgen, Firebase, Google, OAuth, Stripe, Twilio, Airtable, DraftBit, or languages such as Javascript, Typescript, React, Vue.js, JSX, HTML, CSS, lambda, serverless, as well as OpenAI, AI21.

(Source: Office Hours 9/20/2023 )

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