Exploring Google Workspace Authentication for Booking Calendar - A Solution Analysis and Implementation

State Changers held a meeting to discuss solutions for a booking calendar issue and an Xano Firebase integration problem. They decided that solving the booking calendar issue would be the best priority. Ray suggested starting with the Google Workspace authentication process, which involves setting up an application on the Google developer console, getting domain access, and testing authentication. He mentioned that this approach may open up more solutions beyond the booking calendar. Ray also explained that using internal calendars and Workspace authentication would save time compared to using third-party services. He emphasized that while the solution requires some work, it falls within a profitable middle zone. Ray recommended using systems like or Chrome for calendar integration if the goal is to build a calendar for multiple clients. The meeting concluded with the team member thanking Ray and expressing gratitude for his support. The conversation then shifted to discussing big data.

(Source: Office Hours 3/24 )

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