Exploring Infinite Scroll Options Using External JavaScript

The State Changers had a meeting to address a particular challenge concerning infinite scrolling and pausing on a hover. They are considering using a solution that already implements these functionalities but isn't perfect. They discussed the idea of "no code", which involves choosing tools rather than trying to code everything independently.

The discussed solution offers most (9 out of 10) functionalities they need, which might dismantle their current development plateau. It employs jQuery, a JavaScript library that they are familiar with, and allows for a touch setup which is valuable for mobile platforms. It was suggested to dedicate some time to experimenting with it in their coding context before integrating it completely. The license for the solution was also discussed. They found that they could start with the free open source license and after testing the solution, if they find it suits their needs, they could then upgrade to the commercial license which was reasonably priced at twenty-five dollars. Finally, they discussed integrating additional CSS or JavaScript, noting that this can be done by adding a link or script tag to the header or footer. In summary, the meeting was about exploring ways to overcome a current development challenge, with the team considering the option of using a ready solution and adjusting it to fit their needs, rather than building from scratch. The tool in question hasn't been specifically named but is associated closely with jQuery, JavaScript, CSS, and mobile applications.

(Source: Office Hours 10/17 )

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