Exploring Integration and Troubleshooting of Swiper with Webflow for Automated Slide Functionality

During this meeting, the State Changers discussed HTML, CSS, and JavaScript structures related to web development platforms such as WeWeb. The discussion revolved around the usability and compatibility of different platforms with specific coding structures. They discussed how WeWeb might be more JavaScript centric and therefore more compatible with certain design elements.

One participant ran into issues using Flickety, a JavaScript gallery library, in an HTML-centric environment. The State Changers advised attempting a more HTML-centric approach like using content delivery networks (CDNs), which utilise top-level JavaScript. This proves useful for platforms like Webflow that are more HTML based rather than JavaScript based. They also mentioned exploring other platform options like Swiper as an alternative to Flickety, owing to its considerable module options and how smoothly it operates with mobile devices. In the context of HTML structuring, there was talk about the importance of specifying style items such as height in CSS as the absence of such specific styling could lead to layout issues. The State Changers agreed that a good approach could be to articulate more of the structure within platforms like Webflow, as opposed to relying entirely on arbitrary HTML. Moreover, they touched on time discipline, stressing that technology should not necessarily be expected to work quickly in every instance, especially when trying to merge two elements that may not have been designed to function together. Overall, the discussion highlighted the constant learning and trial-and-error nature of web development and encouraged flexibility in adapting to different coding philosophies and methodologies. It also emphasized on finding effective solutions with good returns on investment. Keywords mentioned: Webflow, WeWeb, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Swiper, Flickety.

(Source: Office Hours 10/18 )

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