Exploring Integration of ChatKitty and Vue.js into WeWeb for Enhanced User Experience

This meeting revolves around the State Changers' discussion about integrating messaging features into their WeWeb application. They explored various platforms and APIs, landing eventually on a Vue.js-based solution provided by ChatKitty.

Topics that arose during their discussion included: 1. Integrating ChatKitty: A primary focus of this meeting was to find a feasible solution for developing a chat interface in the WeWeb application. Anthony, a participant, suggested ChatKitty due to its great documentation and Vue.js compatibility. 2. Concerns about Updates and Maintenance: The last update on the desired Vue component was four months ago, leading to concerns about whether it is still actively maintained. 3. User Experience Risk: The team acknowledged the risk of adopting a feature that has a large impact on the user interface and user experience, especially when dealing with a smaller company which may shift focuses frequently. They also highlighted that taking over out-of-date code can be a complex task. 4. Working with Vue: The group semi-decided to use Vue.js based on their comfort level with the framework and its ability to create custom, interactive elements. 5. Future Plan: They decided to further evaluate the suitability of ChatKitty's Vue component by testing its integration into WeWeb in the upcoming weeks. The meeting addressed a tech stack featuring WeWeb, ChatKitty, Vue.js, and JavaScript, focusing on improving the chat experience within their application, without severing User Experience and maintenance concerns.

(Source: Office Hours 9/1/2023 )

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