Exploring Integration of Twitter Bootstrap with Webflow: Challenges and Solutions

The meeting of the State Changers primarily addressed the process of embedding CSS for a project with possible compatibility issues with Webflow. A participant named Kamir sought advice on the issue, where he received suggestions about utilizing Twitter bootstrap for the task. The other members guided Kamir on how to find the Bootstrap CDN (Content Delivery Network) and then implement it into his project's HTML using a link tag or a script tag depending on the requirement.

A significant resolution was when they found the specific HTML link tag for the Bootstrap CSS on the CDN page. Kamir was instructed on adding this tag into his code block or header, which he found helpful. No specific tools or platforms like "Xano", "WeWeb", "FlutterFlow", "Zapier", "Make", "Integromat", "Outseta", "Retool", "Bubble", "Adalo", "AppGyver", "AppSheet", "Comnoco", "Fastgen", "Firebase", "Google", "OAuth", "Stripe", "Twilio", "Airtable", "DraftBit", "Javascript", "Typescript", "React", "Vue.js", "JSX", "HTML", "CSS", "lambda", "serverless", "State Change", "ScriptTag", "OpenAI", "AI21" were specifically discussed during this meeting. The meeting propagated a sense of supportiveness among the State Changers, who agreed to reconvene for another session to further discuss their projects and challenges. The meeting could interest individuals or teams dealing with CSS embedding, Bootstrap usage, or developer troubleshooting and collaborative problem-solving in general.

(Source: Office Hours 2/28 )

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