Exploring Integration Strategies and Digital Signature Solutions for Applications

In this meeting, the State Changers discuss a problem of incorporating a digital signing solution into an application. The initial solutions considered are known platforms like PandaDoc but the conversation steers towards more cost-effective and simplified API possibilities. One participant, George, shares his experience with a tool named SignWell, which provides less expensive and user-friendly options for integrating signature approval workflows.

George points out that SignWell doesn't require an SDK but functions mainly through API calls. Its pricing structure is per signing session which depends on usage not a minimum spend. It also allows for creating a "signing session", yielding a URL with a token which redirects user to the signing page. This tool additionally allows mapping of fields and pre-filling those fields via the API. A significant advantage George mentions is the flexibility of SignWell's workflows, with the possibility of multi-user signatures. SignWell also generates a PDF after sign-off which can be stored for further use. The tool meshes well with another software solution George uses, named Zano. The participants agree that working with digital signatures should ideally not be a DIY process due to the associated legal ramifications. Therefore, using a reliable third-party tool that simplifies the system fits very well with their requirements. Another aspect of the conversation was being cost-conscious when choosing these tools. Finally, there is a brief mention about Grain API, which a participant is testing before reporting to the founders. They discuss briefly the access level they have and the steps they are taking to explore it. The key takeaway from this meeting is choosing and integrating the right digital signing tool into an application, leaning towards SignWell as an effective solution.

(Source: Office Hours 6/30 )

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