Exploring JavaScript and CSS Challenges with Splide Carousel Integration

The State Changers had a productive discussion on how to control and adjust element placement and reactivity within no-code tools. The main issue discussed involved the dynamic adjustment of a div's height, specifically using a JavaScript calculation in web design. It was expressed that the challenge lies in managing the Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) when JavaScript inserts code directly into the page.

Three potential solutions were explored: 1. Altering the source code directly. However, since they would need to maintain the rest of the code, they decided this approach might be too complex for now. 2. Utilising jQuery to update the style tag of Splide, one of their tools, effectively overriding its existing commands. However, this solution seemed convoluted and difficult. 3. Adapting to Splide's specificities and workarounds, or even considering different tools that might better serve their needs. The participants agreed they lean towards the third option to avoid complications with the original code and accelerate their progress. The scripting languages used in the meeting involved JavaScript and jQuery, while the meeting also touched on aspects related to CSS. The tools mentioned were Splide and Webflow, with a brief discussion on Git. The conversation provides a helpful exchange for searching how to manage element responsiveness and flexibility in web development with no-code tools.

(Source: Office Hours 1/3 )

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