Exploring JavaScript Integration in Low-Code Platforms: Focusing on Xano and WeWeb

The meeting revolves around discussing how JavaScript fits into the low-code/no-code landscape. In the no-code world, backend services such as Xano, Backless, SuperBase, are used as databases, with Xano being the popular choice. Within Xano, writing JavaScript is possible in Lambdas or through its paid tiers.

Frontend capabilities include WeWeb and Webflow, both allowing integration of JavaScript. WeWeb is built on Vue.js, allowing for the creation of Vue.js components, albeit with some effort; it might not be beneficial for minor adjustments but can be helpful for complex, broad applications. Webflow incorporates jQuery, making it popular in the no-code/low-code domain. One of the critical topics discussed is using JavaScript to modify web page elements. A web page can be examined using 'inspect' from right-click options, revealing how it's laid out. This comes in handy when one needs to manipulate these elements through JavaScript, such as changing the date or text on the page. The JavaScript, for low code, revolves around doing something smaller to aid in faster progress without having to build something significant. Everything done in JavaScript is event-oriented, allowing a level of control to decide when certain code segments need to be run. The discussion progresses deeper into JavaScript, explaining how query selectors and Javascript events are utilized. For instance, you could tie JavaScript to run when a page gets loaded. This is where a working knowledge of the web page elements and the selected code (for instance, AG-Grid) is essential. This is required for connecting these two different environments, which contributes to creating a better mental model of the coding process. Although having a no-code/low-code toolset is great, being familiar with underlying concepts of JavaScript can empower users to get the most out of those tools.

(Source: Deep Dive - Javascript for Low-Code 8/2/2023 )

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