Exploring Logic and Data Manipulation with WeWeb and Conditional Statements

The State Changers discussed issues related to field mapping with multiple inputs for the price variable, which they intend to implement in their project using WeWeb. The participants were dealing with a problem where there could be three different answers (conflicting inputs) determining the same outcome: the price. During the discussion, they explored options to devise a logical condition so the system selects the first non-null input as the price.

They resorted to the creation of an array as a solution, under which they initially set a blank array in the variable called "prices". After that, they added their three versions of the price to the array sequentially. To find the first non-null element, they created a filter over the array to eliminate null values and find the first non-null price. They found this approach of viewing the variables as a set by turning them into an array, and then asking questions about them as a set to be more straightforward. They also tested the solution with debugging to ensure everything was working as expected. Even though this approach might not be the most efficient, they agreed that it works well for their current problem. By the end of the meeting one participant mentioned they felt like they're getting better at understanding the software. This meeting would be beneficial to watch for those who want to learn about handling multiple inputs for a single outcome in WeWeb, handling potential null values, and debugging their projects.

(Source: Office Hours 10/24 )

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